What company INVESTGATE GROUP is?

INVESTGATE GROUP company was founded in 2018 by a team of professionals with great experience in stock markets operation of various regions, incluing the Forex market. We offer a completely new approach to investment, which allows us to provide our customers with complete financial protection. INVESTGATE GROUP is a completely separate and legally independent company.

What experience do you have in this business?

Our major partners started their professional way in years 2010…2014 and reached credentialed heights over this period at the investment market. By 2017 they became main investment consultants of many world companies. That’s why our team was made of practical workers who know all the investment and Forex market structure and moreover have a straight influence on performance results.

Our online portal gives a possibility to use our team experience as well as your own ambitions for getting the maximum result.

How risky investment business is?

In accordance with world agencies analyses results, investment business is in the orange zone of business riskiness. Besides, the main tool for risk mitigation is choosing a reliable partner. INVESTGATE GROUP makes its investors feel safety all over the cooperation period.

Does your portal provide personal data privacy?

Providing privacy to our partners is one of our top priorities and we do the utmost to make your investment experience with our company the best one. A number of company experts constantly trace our networks activity and limit the access to your data. No doubt, SSL security certificates are obligatory and are supplied with the most secure SSL cryption.

Where can check your investment activity result?

Our investment activity results you can observe online at our web-portal. The data about our trading achievements over any period is available to you in your account. Moreover, registered customers can get weekly reports or trace the operational activity online.

How do we pay taxes for our cooperation work?

As far as we work at offshore zone, we exclude all the possible tax obligations. Thus, all the profit received within our joint work is absolutely free from charges of your country.

What is the minimum age for starting work with your company?

The age limit for starting work is being of 18 years old.


How am I to start working at INVESTGATE GROUP?

In order to start working with our company are to open your personal account, where you will find all the information about your deposit and investment management. Just click "OPEN AN ACCOUNT" tab at our portal.

How can I make a deposit for investing with INVESTGATEGROUP?

You can make a deposit at our company via one of three electronic wallets:


After opening an account in of these payment tools and clicking "Deposit Management" tab you can start working with our portal and receive daily interest to the corresponding wallets.

What is an electronic wallet?

Electronic wallet is a type of payment system, which is used for online transactions. Its functions are the same as of a debit or credit card. Electronic wallet shall be connected with customer's bank account or credit (debit) card for making payments. Electronic wallet is an account type with prepayment where customer can store his money for a future online transactions. Electronic wallet is protected by different verification means.

How can I create or refill an electronic wallet?

In order to make an electronic wallet you need to go to corresponding:

Electronic wallets shall be refilled in accordance with the regulations that you can get acquainted with at payment systems web-sites or by using online exchange services, for instance bestchange.com and many others.

Why do you use e-currencies for making deposits?

From the point of online security, e-currencies are the most optimal transactions means. Usage of electronic wallets increases safety characteristics by several times in comparison with traditional payment means such as bankcard or bank transfer.

What currency a deposit is made?

US dollar is accepted as payment currency at our company. Thus, you deposit is placed in this currency.

What is a trading day?

Trading days are considered company’s working days. Today we work in accordance with international practice: from Monday till Friday excluding national holidays.


How can I register at INVESTGATE GROUP?

In order to register at our portal you need to click “OPEN AN ACCOUNT” at the main page of the web-site INVESTGATE.business After pointing your e-mail while registering you will get a password for logging into your account.

Can I change my password?

Based on the latest security investigations, we excluded customer’s password change at our portal, but you can always recover your access password by using “Reset password” at the page of account data input.

I have lost my password. How can I restore it?

At the page of account data input, you can select "Reset password" function, and you will receive a new password to your email.

Where can I find my investment statistics?

After logging into your account, you get access to all the statistical data of your investments, you can analyze profitability, monitor investment period, track the results of trading operations every day. All this information is available 24/7/365.

Can I share my account data with other people?

We strongly recommend keeping your account data in a safe place. You had better not to use suspicious links to avoid phishing sites. Accidental or intentional distribution of your account data gives a huge risk of theft of both your data and your funds.

How long does balance refill after a transaction?

After transaction confirmation, the deposit is credited to your account instantly, and you can track your funds movement in your personal account. If you come across incorrect enrolment, please contact our support team and our staff will be glad to assist you.

Can I use my balance funds to make a deposit?

Yes, it is possible to refill your deposit using the balance funds. Just turn to "Deposit Management" tab in "DASHBOARD" and you can make a deposit using your balance free funds.

Is it possible to refill funds outside your personal account?

No, this is not possible, as it significantly reduces your account security. Please use "Deposit Management" tab in order to make a deposit at our portal.

Does initial deposit return when investment period is over?

Certainly, initial deposit is returned to you right when investment period is over. That means that your total income will consist of daily interest paid throughout the entire period and, in addition, you can withdraw your initial deposit or reinvest it with most favourable terms.


When can I see my daily profit at my account?

Interest is accrued daily. After the end of the trading day at all platforms, our system calculates its results and accrues interest to users. In the morning (GMT) of the next day, the operator confirms these charges and they appear in the user’s Dashboard.

What profitability do you offer?

Investment profitability depends on the company’s trading day performance. On the “Offers” tab, you can get acquainted with the conditions and return level of each investment plan in detail.

When can I withdraw money?

You can withdraw accrued profit daily, right after interest is accrued on your Account Balance.

How can I withdraw my earnings?

You can turn to “Withdraw Funds” tab in your Dashboard to withdraw the accrued interest.

What is the minimum amount to withdraw funds?

There are no limits on the ParfectMoney and Payeer. There are limits on the withdrawal of cryptocurrency, which is a minimum of $10. No withdrawal fees.

How long does funds withdrawal to my electronic wallet take?

Withdrawal requests are processed manually within 24 hours. This is to prevent fraud.

Can I withdraw my investment till investment period is over?

We recommend keeping entire deposit amount till investment period is over, this lets you get the maximum profit. However, in some cases we make exceptions and may return the deposit investment period is over. Please contact our support team and we will consider each case individually.

Is compound Interest available?

Yes, to automatically increase the deposit by the amount of accrued interest, we have a "Compounding Interest" function. When this function is activated, your daily profit is added to the main deposit, thereby increasing each subsequent daily payment.

You can enable or disable the "Compounding Interest" function in "Account Settings" section of Dashboard or while placing or adding a deposit in section "Deposit Management".


What is an affiliate program and how does it work?

Affiliate program is a scheme that gives you an opportunity to earn more when you invite someone to our portal, and a person signs up, creates an account, and whenever he / she invests, you get a commission.

When someone signs up with your referral link, you get a commission from his deposit in 3 levels: 7% -3% -1%

For example:
1st level
When an investor makes a deposit of $1,000 through your referral link, then you get 7% of the invested amount, this is $70.
2nd level
When an investor makes a deposit through your 1st level referral, this means that the investment goes along the second line. With such a deposit of $1,000, your commission will be 3%, this is $30, and your referral commission will be 7% or $70.
3rd level
When an investor makes a deposit through your 2nd level referral, this means that investment goes through the third line. With such a deposit of $1,000, your commission will be 1%, that’s 10 dollars, the commission of a level 1 referral is 3% or $30, and the level 2 referral will be 7% or $70.

Shall I make a deposit to receive referral bonuses?

No, it is not obligatory to make a deposit at our portal for participation in referral program. You can promote your referral link and earn only on referrals that you attract.

Contact our support team for promotional materials that will help you to promote our project most effectively.

Where can I find a referral link?

By clicking on “Affiliate Program” tab in your account, you can find your referral link. Use it to promote the project and receive referral income.

Where can I find referral bonuses calculation?

Referral commissions are calculated automatically and are immediately reflected in your account, at "Affiliate Program" tab.

When referral bonuses can be withdrawn?

Referral bonuses are immediately credited to your account balance, so you can make a withdrawal of accrued funds any time.

What are the restrictions for the referral commission?

There are no restrictions on the accrual and referral commissions payment at INVESTGATEGROYP. All referral commissions will be calculated and paid exclusively depending on the deposits made by your referrals.

How can I place your banner on my website?

Submit a request to our customer service and we will send you banners according to your recommendations.

How can I become an authorized agent?

If you do active work to promote the project, and achieve high goals, you can apply for the status of an Authorized Agent. This status will allow you to receive 15% and more referral bonuses from deposits of each investor you attract. In such a case, you do not need to make your own deposit.

After attracting 5 or more investors by standard referral program, you can submit an application in your personal account, through ““Authorisation Agent” tab. Within 3 working days, your candidacy will be considered and a decision will be sent to your email address.